5 ways to increase sales in e-commerce

5 ways to increase sales in e-commerce

Online shopping becomes more and more popular in the Internet age. It is not surprising – attractive prices, wide range of products makes customers want to buy online. But there is often a lack of advice from staff. That is where LiveChat comes in handy.

Why is LiveChat worth?

LiveChat enables live help on website, just like in real life. Chat agent can resolve customer service issue and secure the sale. It has certain advantages:

Firstly, chat agent brings human face to online shop. Customer chats with living person, not with auto-responding bot. Online visitors trust more if they have a real life person to talk to. Customers gets fast response to their queries, chat agent can in real time refute objections and therefore increase sales.

Secondly, chat is available after working hours. Our experience indicates that customers rather visit website after working hours or during the weekend. At that time customers can look at offer and make decision about purchase. It is really important to provide customer service then and keep customer on your website.

With proper configuration LiveChat provide proactive greetings and help increase number of incoming chat. This is a fivefold chance to our qualified chat agent to boost sale.

Handling many conversations at the same time

One of the ways to increase sales is multitasking. Qualified chat agent can chat with up to 4 customers in the same time. Meanwhile, telephone consultant can talk to only one customer. Number of conversation impact the waiting time. Chatting is much faster than calling. Right when questioning customer is calling he will block the line as long as he get answers. Chat Agent can support him and several other customers at once. It is solve problem with blocked lines in call centre.

Visitors tracking

By proper configuration we can also define the customer group. Through analysis pages they visit on your website we can know customer’s needs. We can see is it regular customer or someone who visit the website for the first time as well. Concerning what customer do on your website we can design personalised message to engage him. Invitation engage visitor proactively and as we know every conversation is a chance to increase sale.

It is nevertheless important to remember that sales encease is not coming from set up the chat but from professional chat agents who can support customers in the best way by fast responses and secure sale.

Consultancy and support

Consulting is very important issue that chat agent can offer to a customer. Chat agent have a role of shop assistant, but with more possibilities. While conversation, chat agent can check out customer’s needs and then choose the product that meet customer’s expectations. What is more, visitors of your website will trust more when they are able to talk to a real person immediately and receive support while purchase.

It is our experience that customers want to get someone’s opinion before purchase and here we have chat agent. Customers asking about quality of products but also if their choice is suitable for them or for a gift. So chat is used not only for sales but for consulting as well.

It should also be noted that during the conversation can support customer until he purchase the order and leave the website. Chat agent should be engage in conversation to keep customer on website. Live Chat configuration also allows to tracking visitors and show is the conversation ended up with purchase.

Chat agent support also can be useful when we are make changes on our website. Customers may find it confusing and get stuck in purchasing process. Incase of this situation chat agent can find out what stage customer is in and help him to finalise order.

Discounts and bargaining

Depending on shop policy, discounts may appear occasionally or constantly. Chat will be good medium to inform customers about current special offers. It happens very often that customer comparing offers available on different websites before purchasing. If customer is following the price, chat agent can give him discount which can outbid other offers. In this case it is really important to get know what customer needs, because not everyone will admit that lower price turn them from „bye” to „buy”.

Discounts can encourage customers who delay purchasing. Chat agent propose special offer or free shipping code while going with customer through a ordering process. This makes us sure that customer will not leave the website before purchasing.

Information about current discounts can be also used in invitation. Customer curious about that will start the conversation and ask for more details.

Add-on sales

In shops there are many examples of add-on sales. Sales assistant often offer flagship brand’s products or other product in very good price. On chat we are also able to add-on sale, but in smarter way. Knowing customer’s expectations we can precisely propose products which are supplying current order. For example when customer buy a flashlight we can offer batteries, so customer can use flashlight right away recieve the pack.

Chat agent also can offer product when customer is missing minimum purchase to get free shipping.

Our experience shows that customers accepts add-on sale suggestions in up to 20% cases, even though they did not plan purchase anything more. Why is this happening? Because it is hard to say no to someone, more specifically to chat agent, who support us in the whole purchasing process.

If there is anything in particular that is worth highlighting, it is the fact that increasing sale is to invest in team of highly trained chat agents. Thanks to their sales experience and selling techniques you can note increase not only in number of chats but also in conversion with more sales.

All of activities mentioned above and proper configuration of LiveChat tools guarantee gaining profit on sales in your online shop. LiveChat is an investment for the future.