Frequently asked questions


1. What do you do?

We deal with customer service and sales support via LiveChat. We provide teams of Consultants who support chat on the websites of our Partners.

2. Do you offer a chat tool?

We are not a tool, but a team that supports the LiveChat tool. The tool is an application / software that makes it possible to contact on the website. However, our task is to provide people who will handle the chat.

3. What are your working hours?

Our consultants work every day from 8:00am to 11:00pm. This means that we service your clients also outside standard business hours.

4.Who supports incoming chats?

The chat is supported by teams of specialists from .BespokeChat. Each team consists 5 to 8 people, under the care of a trainer, who cares for the highest quality of talks.

5. How do you know about my offer/products?

Our team acquires knowledge during the implementation of knowledge, even before starting the chat service on your website. We analyze the website from the point of view of the customer, gathering data on problems and questions of clients appearing in all communication channels of the company. However, this is not the end of preparation for the service of your site by our specialists. Parallel to the conversations we are conducting, we enrich the knowledge base, supplementing it with information about ongoing promotions or events in the company.

6. Can my company's employees also handle chat rooms?

Chats are only handled by the .BespokeChat team. Our assumption is to relieve the employees of your company from the obligations related to chat service. We focus on full transparency of work, which is why you have continuous access to statistics and conversations conducted by our consultants. By providing chat support, we focus on achieving your goal without trying to replace your sales department.

7. Do I have access to chats?

Yes, from the level of the .BespokeChat Panel, you have access to the chat record at any time. Additionally, you can apply your comments or enrich your knowledge resources by adding relevant information to your conversations.

8.What happens when we do not know the answer while chatting?

Thanks to the implementation and expansion of knowledge resources, we are able to answer most of the repeated questions. In other cases, we encourage customers to leave data to be able to send a query to you. We send them through our Online Panel and thanks to this you can easily explain more difficult issues, or contact your customers with a ready offer.

9. How do you care about the quality of chats?

The work of each team is supervised by a trainer whose job is to checking conversations carried out on the chat. Comments regarding a given conversation with clients are visible to all Consultants. Thanks to the ability to analyze each conversation, the team learns much more effectively. In addition, the trainer supervises selected conversations by analyzing it live and giving instructions to the consultant.

10. What possibilities does the .BespokeChat Panel give?

 The online panel gives you the opportunity to view all of the interviews and make comments. An extensive dashboard with statistics allows you to track the number of chats, their hourly schedule, filtering the types of entries or ratings left by customers. This functionality allows first of all to control the implementation of the goal that was set when starting the chat service. The panel also contains phone transfer records and reports sent to your company.

11. What statistics do I have access to?

You have access to statistics on the number of chats and their distribution broken down by hours during the day. In addition, you can see the number of accepted calls for interviews or statistics on how to make a call. The panel also allows you to view the activity of our consultants, the number of applications by type and ratings left by customers.

12. What are reports?

Reports are sales leads, ie notifications about obtaining customer contact data via chat. Reports are sent after the conversation and directed to a dedicated e-mail address or phone number. After logging in to the Online Panel, you can view all reports along with customer data.

13. What is phone transfer?

The phone transfer function consists in a conversation between a representative of your company and a customer who is interested in a telephone conversation. It allows you to obtain hot sale leads. You set preferences as to the type of calls to be made or the time of their collation. During chatting, our consultant first learns if the person he is talking to matches the profile you specify and then whether he is interested in the conversation. If the Client shows such interest, our Consultant will connect him with the representative of your company. This is a good solution, because it allows you to connect customers who expect a direct and quick response from your company representative and give you the opportunity to pre-filter chat participants.

14. How much your service costs?

The payment is adjusted individually to each of our Partners and depends on the factors that we learn during the arrangements made before implementing the chat service. The subscription amounts start from $599 USD net / month depend on, among others on the number of expected calls per month.

15. Are you connected with LiveChat company?

We are the official partner of LiveChat, which provides us with a tool which is an internet chat. Our service consists in handling such a chat by a team of specialists. We also help by chatting at