[Academy] How to recruit the best chat agents

It is very important to recruit right person into your livechat agents team. Get to know our recruitment process.  https://youtu.be/mRA0BpKdWY0 Recruitment process 1. Chat with chatbot. First part of our recruitment process. The chatbot is available 24/7. In this part, we verify basic information, simulate talk with a client and check the speed and correctness of writing. Every conversation transcript is checked by our recruiter and…

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[Academy] How to configure a chat for proactive support?

In order to use the chat tool properly, you can not just install it on the site and leave it on its own. It will, of course, fulfill some of its role, but will not allow you to get the effect of high-quality service that is so important and sales effects that you count on. Installing and configuring a chat on your website is the…

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[Academy] Use available information

How to use additional information provided by your livechat tool? Thanks to them you can personalize your chats to make it more smooth and effective!  https://youtu.be/K4lVTp9K0tchttps://youtu.be/EOJgGql8b_w

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[Academy] Proactive chat support

Learn what you can do to make your livechat conversations more proactive. Most of proactive conversations end up with sales results. https://youtu.be/OmACLVY1mkQhttps://youtu.be/Rg5Un_Gh65M The more chats the better The more customers decide to use the chat, the more sales results you will get. Only by proactively conducting conversations your chat tool will give you sales results. The tool hanging on the website, not used by the…

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[Academy] Be available for your customers

It is very important to generate as many livechat conversations as possible, because only when chatting to your customers you are able to influence them, to offer them some solution or to generate sales leads.  https://youtu.be/ZF81eau7has

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[Academy] Get to know your chat tool well

In this lesson we will show you the most important features of every livechat tool. You need to be able to use all of those features in your everyday work. https://youtu.be/-TXALKMik34https://youtu.be/OG8f3DssyjU

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Mistakes in chat support and how to avoid them

It is important to develop a strong link with the customers to enhance your sales. The only way to develop those links is by providing the best quality services as well as customer support. Many companies only focus on providing the best services. While they don’t really have any concerns about their customer support team. Many customers can only be attained by the support team.…

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