Receive customer data from reports for one of over 5000 applications!

Integracja Zapier dla .BespokeChat

The .BespokeChat panel provides extensive integration possibilities with external CRM / helpdesk systems! The data transfer takes place via, which allows you to simply click on data transfer scenarios to hundreds of external systems!

zapier dostępne aplikacje
Reports are messages sent by .BespokeChat consultants after chat conversations in which the customer left his data. Reports may contain e.g. contact details of a potential customer (lead) or a notification that is forwarded to you for further contact with the customer by email/phone.  

The integration allows you to send data from which such a report consists to the Zapier tool, where you can easily and flexibly choose to forward selected data to the selected CRM / helpdesk system. The connection between the systems is developed through so-called Zaps, which are very simple to prepare. For example, you can set sending data as a new contact to the CRM system, a new query to the helpdesk system, create a draft email to the Customer in the GMail program, insert data into a table in Google documents, add an email to the mailing list, send notifications to external systems and many more! The list of all available programs to which data can be transferred is available at