Super Trainer app for LiveChat!

What is Super Trainer?

Super Trainer LiveChat app

Remind your agents about every key issue with the Super Trainer personal assistant!

Manage all of the ongoing conversations even faster and be sure that your agents will never forget any important information. Help those who are conducting many conversations at the same time.

Super Trainer support is super-easy to use. Just set reminder-based rules’ conditions such as:

  • ⏱️ time since the chat started,
  • ⌚ time since the last message when customer’s message is the last one,
  • ✅ chat rating,
  • ⌛ specified hour and minute, weekday,
  • 📝 given text present in the chat,
  • 🗂️ contact data present in the chat,
  • 🧑‍💻 presence of at least one agent’s message,
  • 🧑‍💻presence of a right chat agent
  • 💬 customer using specific language
  • 🏷️ tag attached
  • 🌐 specific URL browsed
  • 💬 LiveChat group,
  • 💬 message from Facebook Messenger/Apple Business Chat/WhatsApp. 

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  • Visit LiveChat Marketplace and install Super Trainer
  • In LiveChat, click on ‘Apps’ in the left menu using an admin account and select  ‘Super Trainer reminders’
  • Authorize app so that a bot is created that will send reminders to all users
  • A sample rule is created for you by default. 
  • Complete the onboarding process to get additional bonuses on your account.
  • You can add 2 more rules with the Free plan
  • That’s it! Your agents will start getting automated reminders right away!
  • Check the screenshots below to learn more.


  • 👨‍💻 Programmable reminders
    Be able to set dedicated reminders for different purposes thanks to the easy rules creator.
  • 💡 Tips directly in the chat window
    Be sure that your agents will not miss any information thanks to reminders displayed inside the chat. It’s impossible to miss them!
  • ➡️ Outside invisibility
    Do not worry customers are not going to know that LiveChat agent is superpowered with Super Trainer reminders.


  • No more missing opportunities
    Thanks to the Super Trainer you won’t miss a single business opportunity and increase your customer satisfaction.
  • Higher chat quality
    From now on, your agents will not forget anything important. Save your agent’s time and be sure there is no need to contact the customer again to complete the missing information.
  • Handle more chats at once
    Your agents can be even more efficient. Super Trainer is going to help you not to miss anything in any chat.


Is Super Trainer free?

Yes, Super Trainer offers a free version with core features that include dedicated reminders, easy setup, and outside invisibility. However, there is also a paid versions with additional advanced features available for users who have more than 1000 chats a month.

Is the payment automatically deducted?
For the free version, no payment is required. You can optionally select a paid plan – this requires LiveChat users with privileges to manage LiveChat payments. For users who subscribe to the paid version, the payment is automatically deducted every month.

Will my plan be automatically upgraded after exceeding the limits?
No, your plan will not be automatically upgraded after exceeding the limits, you are just going to get an email notification informing you about exceeding the limit. If you are on a premium plan and wish to increase your limits, you will need to manually upgrade to a higher-tier plan.

Will I be notified when I am approaching my limit?
No, you will get a notification only when you reach the limit. You can check your current use inside the app.

What if the Pro plan doesn’t meet my needs?
If the highest-tier plan does not fully meet your requirements, please reach out to our support team through We may be able to offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Are all conditions available in all packages?
The free version of Super Trainer comes with a set of useful conditions, however, there are also conditions available only in paid plans:

– Trigger only when chat started in a selected LiveChat group
– Trigger if chat is assigned to a specific agent
– Trigger if a customer is writing using a specific language
– Trigger if there is a tag attached
– Trigger if current URL browsed by customer contains

What are the limitations of the free plan?
The free plan has limited active rules, allowing you to have up to three rules at a time. Additionally, it works only for the first 1000 chats in the month.

Will the unused limit carry over to the next month?
No, the unused limit from your current plan will not carry over to the next month. Monthly limits reset at the beginning of each billing cycle, so it’s best to make the most of your available limits during each period.

We hope this FAQ provides you with all the necessary information about Super Trainer. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Thank you for choosing Super Trainer!


  • February 2021 – the app is published
  • 27.04.2021 – new conditions added, bug fixes
  • 22.06.2021 – new conditions added, authorization flow simplified, bug fixes
  • 01.10.2021 – added the ability to talk to the application’s HelpDesk
  • 12.01.2021 – added ability to agree to marketing consent to receive onboarding/marketing information. 
  • 09.08.2022 – added the ability to select more than one group
  • 2023/2023 – multiple new rules added
  • August 2023 – new interface and freemium model introduced
  • 27.05.2024 – refreshed interface and deleting ‘reminders sent’ limit

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