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[Academy] How to configure a chat for proactive support?

In order to use the chat tool properly, you can not just install it on the site and leave it on its own. It will, of course, fulfill some of its role, but will not allow you to get the effect of high-quality service that is so important and sales effects that you count on. Installing and configuring a chat on your website is the first step towards better and more effective customer service.

Proactive greetings

In order for the chat tool to be proactive, it first needs to analyze what the client is doing on a given page. It examines the subpage customer’s on and for how long. Checks what the customer is looking for, based on the subpages he visited. All collected data can be a valuable source of feedback from customers, which can improve the site or the offer itself.

Thanks to properly configured, proactive invitations, people staying on the website are automatically invited to chat with an agent. Thanks to this, the company shows that it’s open to contact with the customer and will be happy to help in all matters related to the given offer. It is important that the chat was operated by a specialist who will provide not only the right answers, but also will keep in mind the overall proactivity of the conversation.

After collecting necessary information you can set various terms in configuration, after which an invitation to the conversation is displayed to the client. A greeting should usually refer to the specific behavior of the client on the site, e.g. when the client delays placing an order, we can send a greeting asking whether he needs help in passing any process on the website.

Thanks to this procedure, the client sees  the conversation more personally, thus he is more likely to take advantage of the possibility of chatting. Such quality of service which will definitely be positively received and will make the customer more willing to come back again

In order to make chat conversations as effective as possible and bring higher profits it is worth setting goals for the consultant to reach during the conversation. If the chat is placed on the website of the online store it will be obvious that the main goal will be to persuade the customer to place an order and help in passing the entire ordering process. Otherwise, you can generate e.g. sales leads – the consultant retrieves contact details from the customer, as well as examines his needs, so you can quickly contact that person with personalized offer by any other mean of communication like phone. The monitored goals can be freely shaped and selected for the company’s sales needs. An experienced consultant will deal with each of them.

Greetings examples

Clothes Shop

Subpage on which customer is looking at different trousers:

“Good morning! What kind of trousers are you looking for?”

Subpage on which customer is looking at different shoes:

“Good morning! Are You looking for sneakers or casual shoes?”

Shop’s cart:

“Good morning! May I help to place an order?”

Contact page:

“Good morning! Do you have any questions? I would love to answer :)”

Real estate / Developers

Customer searching for  apartments:

“Good morning! In what investment area are you looking for an apartment?”

Specific Investment page:

“Good morning! How many rooms are you looking for in these apartments?”

Contact page:

“Good morning! I can answer all of your question right now through chat!”


Customer searching for a car:

“Good morning! What kind of car are you looking for?”

Subpage with information about test drives:

“Good morning When would you like to schedule a  test drive?”

Specific car’s subpage:

“Good morning! What engine version are you looking for ?”

Used cars page:
Good morning! What pre-owned car are you looking for?”

Page with contact form.

“Good morning! Is everything clear in the contact form?”