Phone transfer
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1. What is phone transfer?

Phone transfer is a telephone connection between a chatting client and a representative of the Partner’s company. The connection is established by the Consultant using the number / numbers indicated by the Partner.

It allows for an efficient continuation of the conversation initiated by the Consultant in an online chat, directly by the company’s representatives.

2. Why is it worth using the service?

By default, each lead obtained by us is sent via a e-mail report within a few minutes after the end of the conversation. At the same time, we an SMS notification (optional).

To get leads more quickly, you can use the phone transfer service – the Consultant will offer the client a direct phone call with a representative of your company within a few seconds.

3. How does phone transfer work?

In the beginning you define the conditions on the basis of which conversations between chat clients and employees of your company will be set. These can be specific hours of the day or the type of case to which the conversation applies (e.g. connecting to a specific department in a company). If the interlocutor in the chat meets your criteria, then the Consultant may offer an immediate phone call.

The system attempts to make a phone call, which begins after the call is received by a representative of your company. Phone conversations take place without our participation.

4. What are the benefits of using such a solution?

Phone transfer helps to contact customers who expect a quick and direct response from a representative of your company. It is also an even faster form of taking leads that can take precedence over sending reports with customer data. 

Phone transfer helps in isolating the hottest leads and proposing conversations to customers who meet your specific requirements. Thanks to this, only people who show interest in a given offer can contact the company, which does not overload the telephone line.

5. What happens if no one on our part answers the phone?

At the stage of service configuration, we define how many times we should attempt to connect with your employees and whether after an unsuccessful attempt, we should e.g. make a call to another number. If eventually a connection via phone transfer is not established (for any reason), the Consultant will inform the Customer that currently none of your company’s employees is available and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Then we send you a standard report according to defined clients, we send e-mail and SMS notifications, and you can take this client when the team in the company will be available again.

6. What if the customer wants to use this solution outside of our business hours?

In such a situation, the Customer will not even be aware of this possibility.

The consultant proposes immediate connection with your company only if all the necessary substantive criteria established at the beginning of the cooperation are met (e.g. interest in a particular service/product) and hourly (the current day and time correspond to the intervals set by you in which we can set calls).

7. Can you combine calls whenever you support chats, ie 8:00 - 23:00, 7 days a week?

Of course. We can determine that every customer whom we would normally send to you through the e-mail report will be first connected via phone transfer. At the same time, your company must ensure that in the same range there is always someone available at the indicated phone numbers.

8. How much does it cost?

The valuation is prepared individually and just like the standard valuation of our service depends on the expected number of chats, here the estimates are based on the possible number of generated leads.

Your supervisor will provide all the details and prepare for you a precise quote and options.

9. I want to use this service - what do I have to do?

Please inform your account manager about your interest in the phone transfer service or use the contact form, our representatives will contact you back with information about the possibilities in this regard.

Please note that the service only allows direct calls to direct telephone numbers operated by humans.

10. What else should we know?

If you have any additional questions, please contact your account manager or the marketing and sales department.