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[Academy] How to recruit the best chat agents

It is very important to recruit right person into your livechat agents team. Get to know our recruitment process. 

Recruitment process

1. Chat with chatbot. First part of our recruitment process. The chatbot is available 24/7. In this part, we verify basic information, simulate talk with a client and check the speed and correctness of writing. Every conversation transcript is checked by our recruiter and he is the one that chooses the best candidates for the next stage.

2. We send emails with an invitation to the job interview. Usually, we first check whether the person is still interested in the job and then we set up the online meeting. We offer a few dates and the candidate picks one. After confirming the meeting we send a handout which we require to read before the meeting. This document contains rules and details about the job, payment and expected hours of work.. We also send the test, which should be done before the meeting. This test checks how fast the candidate  can move through different websites and search a variety of information. It also allows us to check reactions to the situations that he may be dealing with as our agent. Results of the test are available online.

3. The job interview is about 30 minutes long.  We ask about knowledge of our company and why someone wants to work in our team to examine the motivation. We also check  experience in customer service/ chat service.. We ask about creativity (and we check it with small assignment) and language skills in action. In the end, we also ask about whether she/he is in the middle of another recruitment process and when she/he could start.

4. Results. Every person that went through the job interview gets an email with the result. Whether the candidate is selected by us or no we send 3 different emails:

– rejection – candidate does not reach our expectations
– standby list – candidate reach our expectations but for some reasons he’s not hired now and stays in standby list
– hired – candidate reach our expectations and there is a further exchange of emails and signing a contract.

5. Remotely signing a contract. After further confirmation candidate gets a full set of documents and a contract to read and sign online. Thanks to this solution we have no limitations with the place of residence of our associates and we can recruit in the scale of our country.