Proactive vs. reactive chat

Proactive vs. reactive chat

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One of the tools that we can use to increase sale in online shop is Live Chat. But first of all we should decide which strategy would be better – reactive or proactive chat. Explanation both of strategies you will find down below.

Reactive chat is very popular, but it did not really help to increase sale and engage customers to conversation. Of course, even reactive chat is faster way to keep in touch with customers than e-mail or call, but does not help to increase sales conversion.

We must bear in mind that chat performs like a sales assistant in store. Reactive chat is visible for customer on your website while browsing. In the event of difficulties in purchasing customer can ask for help, but some of them may delay their decision to buy or even decide not to do so. To do not let customers left your website place a bet on proactive chat.

The best solution to keep customers on your website is proactive chat. Thanks to proactive service chat agent can take action before problem occurs. With proper configuration chat agent can get some insight into customer’s needs. For example, chat agent can see that customer is browsing FAQ and then invite him to conversation by asking did he find the answers. By personalized invitation chat agent can start conversation in a more interesting and interactive way. Moreover, invitation gives customers a feeling of being supported in purchasing process. That, in turn makes customers satisfied and makes them come back more likely for next purchase.

proactive greeting helps to generate more chat conversations

More conversations leads directly to sales conversion. With proper chat configuration we can also see if purchase was successfully completed. Chat agent can give fast response to customer’s queries in real time, refute objections and support sale. Professional and trained chat agent can resolve customer service issues. In that way sales would be increased five time more.

Proactive chat has many advantages. By proper configuration we can track customers and their activity on website. Referring to this, we can design personalized message and meet the customer’s expectations before problem occurs. Do not wait for customer chat to you first. Set up proactive chat with experienced and trained chat agents, engage customers and boost your sales.