Usage of chat in real estates

Usage of chat in real estates

Chat or ready lead databases?

Popularity of LiveChat tools and its wide possibilities make that kind of communication becoming ever more willingly used in various industries. Properly configured and leaded chat conversation may be a reason to involve more potential customers visiting our website. Chat agent can generate sales leads from potential customers interested in the offer of this specific company.

Ready lead databases

Majority of developers decide to use ready databases of customers. However, it’s not completely a good solution. Why? First of all, that database may have weak conversion – after making contact with customers it may appear that they are no longer interested. If we don’t know customer’s preferences, we won’t be able to prepare for him proper offer any time. Factors that counts the most among others are :  location that does not suit customer’s preferences, square meterage or scheme of apartments.

Chat consultancy

What if we have access to customers’ contact details, who are interested specifically in our offer? That’s the moment when we can use chat. LiveChat is a tool acting proactively, it sends invitations to potential customers visiting our website. Later, a properly trained chat agent starts a conversation with the customer. He examines his needs and expectations. On that step, an agent can check if the developer’s offer includes a suitable apartment. We have to remember that developers’ industry is quite unique and even if there is always a demand for real estates, customers often have specific expectations about their dream apartment. That’s where the role of the consultant is very important. The consultant is the person that can find in hundreds of offers that one apartment, perfectly matched to customer’s vision.

After a precise conversation with a customer, an agent is ready to offer him an apartment with proper location, square meterage, and scheme.  It’s common that customer feels lost on the developer’s website, especially when it’s expanded and covers many different investments and locations. Customers don’t always have specific requirements about the apartment they are looking for, sometimes the most important factor for them is a date of putting flat into service or price. That’s also the moment when the consultant can intrigue customer introducing him examples of apartments. It’s important to make customer interested in our offer, so he won’t leave the website and look for the competitive company.

Lead generating

During a conversation on chat agent can, except examining customer’s preferences, generate valuable sales lead. It includes customer contact data and a description of his apartment’s preferences. Thanks to that, the sales office can contact the potential customer and present a specific offer. It’s best to use that kind of leads as soon as possible when customer’s interest is still big and he remembers that he wrote his contact data on chat. Customers who leave us contact details are more likely to wait for the offer, because they always get confirmation, that the offer will be prepared soon. Sometimes customers don’t even look for offers in competitive companies. Sometimes they even inform about their financial abilities. When we have that information we can present customer offers which are favorable and competitively priced.

Chat or online form?

Many websites have an online contact form. The customer has to fill that form so the sales office could contact him with an offer. It’s quite simple and functional solution. Although we should remember that a chat is run by the consultant. It’s important because if a customer doesn’t write all contact details consultant can ask him to do it. It’s not possible when we are filling the form. Of course, we can program online form the way it will not send until the customer writes full information, but that kind of forms often discourage customers and many of them gives up while filling them.

As we can see LiveChat is perfect also for developer’s industry. Wide usage and possibilities of configuring make chat the tool that can me easily use in sales and acquire customers contact data. However, we should always remember, that chat tool will never be able to fully complete the expectations if it’s not supported by the proper person. Consultant with experience in generating leads is an investment who will quickly return. It’ worth to invest in an experienced sales team who can support chat on websites.