Chat in marketing campaigns

Chat in marketing campaigns

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LiveChat is an universal tool. Providing it on your website with experienced agents on the controls ensure high lead generating and great conversion. It’s used mostly for general customers service, which include answering their questions, redirect them to the sales office and generate leads. Although it may also have a different, more specific usage.

Launching a campaign

Most companies try to encourage potential customers to their offer in various ways. The most common is preparing time-bound sales and outlets. Of course companies should always remember to properly inform potential customers about that kind of events. That’s when the suitable marketing campaigns can provide great results. It may be presented directly on company website, online shop or, which is recently quite popular way, social media.

Leading by chat

To inform customers about recent promotions, companies use banners, ads or articles. They usually redirect customers to the subpages with prepared sales. The problem is, that after customer enters that page we can’t control what he is doing. That’s where LiveChat agents provide proper help. Let’s think of a situation when developer company launches campaign and assume that the company wants to promote it’s new investment with apartments in attractive prices. The ads about that promotion are published on social media. Potential customer enters the website via ads and don’t know quite what to start with. That customer is welcomed by chat window with suited invitation, for example ,,Hello, are you interested in our new investment?’’, or ,,Welcome! Would you mind if I present you our current promotions?’’. Then chat agent can not only describe the promotion to potential customer and lead him through webpage, but also answer the most urgent question. Then chat agents can suggest preparing offer by sales office just at the right moment of conversation. That’s when the lead is generated.

Many possibilities of usage

As a .BespokeChat company we serve great amount of companies from various industries. Our agents not only have experience in terms of customers service, but also necessary range of knowledge about served companies. Because that knowledge is prepared in cooperation with the companies themselves it can be updated with informations about current promotions. That means, that we can connect LiveChat tool with many different marketing campaigns from various industries. There is bunch of examples of that usage- clothes shop preparing new collection, car service offering time-bound sales, medical clinic offering set of services in special price. That all can be connected to chat, where the potential customer will be welcomed by invitation linked to promotion and chat agents able to present him general informations.

Value of leads

Marketing campaigns are the events when we can see quite a big difference between leads generated on chat and ready databases. When we buy ready database with contact data of hundreds potential customers we can find a very few interested in that specific promotion that we currently offer. On the other hand we have leads generated during conversations on chat. That leads are much more valuable, because they come from customers who showed interest not only in product offered by the company, but also in products we want to promote during marketing campaign.

As we can see LiveChat tool provides many possibilities and it’s a valuable way to gain attention of potential customers visiting our website. We should also consider it in terms of preparing marketing campaign. Although we should keep in mind that even the greatest tool won’t meet our expectations if it’s not served by proper people. That’s why .BespokeChat team provide the highest quality of customer service, runned by experienced, prepared sellers, ready to take the new challenges.