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of our chats end with
a sales lead

leads containing phone numbers 90.2%
leads containing e-mail addresses 88.9%


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of our chats end with
a sales lead

leads containing phone numbers 79.8%
leads containing e-mail addresses 93.7%

What do we do?

LiveChat icon

we support your customers on your behalf using LiveChat tool – up to 24h/7

we support Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and SMS messages.

we establish phone calls between the chatting customer and your company

we can send chat sales leads directly to your CRM / helpdesk system

ikona wiedza

we provide a group of trainers who take care of chats quality every day

ikona angielski

we support english and polish

ikona Google analytics

Stats connected with chats visible also in your Google Analytics

ikona panel

We provide an Online Panel containing all conversations, leads and statistics

We can additionally tag chats to give you the additional classification of queries


People create .BespokeChat

We know how important an individual approach to the Client is. That’s why we work with understanding and empathy.

Our team serves Customers through the chat on your website.

Provide your Clients with the best service

We are proactive

we do not wait for a customer to write to us

działamy praktywnie nie czekamy na czaty
livechat greeting

*  Each chat is a business opportunity, so we generate as many as possible
* On average 80% of chats is established thanks to proactive greetings
* Proactive LiveChat configuration included in the price of the service

We're experts in chat service

We have over 600,000 chats in our account.
We know how to please the customer, as evidenced by user assessments

As many as 94% are satisfied with the service provided by our consultants (the global average is 81%*)

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We're always there, 24/7

More than 50% of potential customers visit websites and do shopping in the evening and at the weekend. 
We are available whenever your Customer needs help.

obsługujemy w dzień i w nocy
obsługujemy w dzień i w nocy

Receive sales leads and reports straight to your customer base

The constantly growing number of integrations between our system and external CRM and Helpdesk systems allows you to use the effects of our team’s work in a convenient way, without the need to implement additional software.

Integracja Zapier dla .BespokeChat

Check our

We're an extension

of the sales department

We break the ice with users entering on your website.
Contacts from potential customers go directly to your sales experts .

By choosing .BespokeChat

you're cutting customer service costs

Our agents serve a few websites at once and they’re able to conduct up to 4 conversations at the same time, without loss of quality.
Their work is cheaper and more effective.
Do you want to save some money?

obsługujemy w dzień i w nocy

We're constantly

In .BespokeChat team learning process never ends.
Our experts are extending and updating their knowledge all the time so they could rise to the challenge.

So you don’t have to worry about training – we’re handling this for you.

Honesty and transparency

is our base

In our online dashboard you have an access to all conversations that have been conducted by our team.
We care about your opinion so you can give us suggestions to all these chats.

Instant response time

We know how important it is to react quickly for customers’ questions.
“First come, first served” that’s the rule that frequently works in decision making.
We’re totally aware of it and that’s why 21 seconds is the usual first response time.


We can see the team’s high professionalism and commitment to ongoing conversations. External consultants are aware of the needs of potential customers of our company and quickly and effectively provide the necessary information. Besides, they provide us with many additional sales opportunities (…)


Thanks to .BespokeChat daily availability, our potential customers get their chance to ask a question at almost any time of the day, 7 days a week. We value reliability, flexibility and efficient communication and in our partnership with .BespokeChat we get mutual understanding of our needs and expectations. We can recommend partnership with .BespokeChat to anyone who values optimization in customer relationship management.


Get to know ways to increase development of Your business thanks to .BespokeChat!